Property Mentoring

For Women

Watch this video to see

Watch this video to see

Here’s 3 questions to find out.

  1. Are you a woman wanting to create your very own independent wealth, using property as a vehicle?
  2. Do you want to learn from women, who have actually done what it is that you’re trying to do?
  3. And do you need a ‘fast track’ method, without all the clutter, that gets you results in 90 days?

Now, if you’re wondering how we get these outcomes? 

Here are the 3 key ingredients that guarantee results.

  1. Firstly, we PROVIDE you with a ROLE-MODEL as a mentor: Someone who is the real deal and can hold your hand and lead you the way.
  2. Secondly, we use LEVERAGE: We turbo charge your property journey by providing you with the collaboration of – INTRODUCTIONS to our rolodex of specialty consultants; a unique network of like-minded women; and the education you require, by LEVERAGING from our experience, knowledge & resources.
  3. Using ADVANSED STRATEGIES that laser target and deploy your skill set, we then help you scale your property portfolio and propel you into your next property project

So, if you’re ready to fire up your journey to Financial Freedom, you’ll want to speak with one of our team. So go ahead, book a call below and we’ll show you how THIS program can make your financial dreams a reality.

Remember, there’s absolutely no risk, because if you’re not ready, or if it doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, then we don’t want to waste your time – or ours! But, we can help you work all that out on the call.

So for now, just click the  Book a Call button below.

Let me explain something that you might be able to identify with, as to why you may not have succeeded YET!!

Does this sound like you?

  • Feel unskilled in financial literacy?
  • Lack the knowledge to future proof yourself?
  • Lack role models?
  • Lack confidence in a male dominated industry?
  • Feel guilt when juggling between family and work?
  • Look for (or lack) purpose in each day?
  • Expect too much of yourself?
  • Fear personal growth will lead to loneliness?
  • Search fruitlessly for like-minded people?
  • Lack the confidence to set boundaries?

Or do you engage in some of the internal dialogues so many women striving for greater success and financial independence have with themselves, over and over again:

  • I feel like an imposter.
  • I don’t have the confidence in myself.
  • I feel insecure personally and financially.
  • I don’t think I’m worthy of success.
  • I constantly have self-doubt and then I over analyse everything.
  • If I do well, I feel guilty about my success.
  • I’m embarrassed when I screw up.
  • I’m not financially where I thought I would be at this point in life.

We understand. We get it! Let us show you the ‘WHY’

#1 – Women Role Models

Most property programs generalise. They don’t understand that women have different needs. That we are juggling enormous pressures already and for us to achieve significant and defined outcomes, we can’t waste time fluffing around with generic information.

The problem is, other programs don’t consider age, experience, your current level of knowledge and most of all, what’s been holding you back. Do you have a family to juggle with school runs, sports, arts and the like? Or are you at an age where you think it’s too late and that you’ve missed your chance.
Instead, we believe in learning and fast tracking with a powerhouse of female role models who have walked the path before you – women who have shattered glass ceilings and achieved extraordinary results. “Success leaves clues” – and our community is filled with incredible women who have achieved remarkable success in property, who share their stories of triumphs; the challenges they’ve overcome; and the strategies they’ve implemented to create wealth through property.

#2 – Our Customised Action Oriented Program

Most women trying to achieve ‘Financial Freedom’, are buying into well marketed large groups that focus on getting the maximum number of attendees (in other words, bums on seats) and – they present generic content across a myriad of niches such as reno’s, sub-division, splitters, flips, Airbnb, town houses, units, house & land, and the list goes on; all delivered in a one size fits all; rinse and repeat process. It’s like trying to drink from a firehose.

And here’s the problem with that. You then get caught up in all the hype and promises, while constantly scrambling to consume the huge volume of content, only to find yourself shrouded in overwhelm. Which ultimately means – you don’t take action!!

So instead, our unique and boutique program allows us to work with you individually, to develop a solid plan that focuses on your personally desired goals, while educating and honing in on the niche that most utilises your talents, skills and experience.

We can then deliver a personalised, hand holding educational experience that creates a
unique blueprint, that motivates you – while also providing accountability. Our tailored process ultimately means – you’re confident; prepared; and ready to do the deal.

Both of these reasons are how we can guarantee that you will be TAKING ACTION to do a DEAL in 90 days.

So, if that sounds interesting, and you’re ready to build your property portfolio, then speak with one of our team today.

All you have to do, is book a call below and we’ll show you how we can fast track you on your path to Financial Freedom.

Lorna knows just how much courage it takes to step into your power and soar to the heights of financial freedom, something many of her past Property Eagles have done and are experiencing right now. 

That financial freedom is something she genuinely wants to help you experience too.


The best ‘Role Models’ are those that have gone before you. Those that have started with nothing and worked their way to the top of their game.

 Introducing Lorna Willis who is one woman who can totally relate to that. Holding on to her BIG vision, she has overcome many life’s storms; mastered change; personally evolved; and even become the respected Property Developer of a $101 million project.

. . . and she’s ready to share her insights, so that you can too. 

Lorna has spent over 45 years pioneering the role of women in property, building credibility and experience in a male dominated industry. She’s the first to admit it hasn’t been easy, but recognises the industry as one that brings an equal ROI (Return on Investment) for those willing to dive in, regardless of whether they are a man or woman. This is a lesson learnt early on, when Lorna’s humble property journey began with the purchase of a block of land for a whopping $4,000.00 in 1975. She was just 18 years old. Decades later, she is at the forefront of property development in the lucrative Sunshine Coast region.

Vast experience in the industry has fuelled Lorna’s passion to help other aspiring women develop their own financial knowledge and abundance. She has been committed to this for the past 7 years in the WOW Property Women group, a community devoted to women eager to create their own wealth using a variety of portfolio-building property techniques… and they’re techniques that work; Lorna is the living proof of a variety of them.

With a love for property and a background in Architectural and Interior Design, she is currently working on her biggest project to date: the ‘Lowanna Beach Resort’ with a $100 million GRV consisting of 112 residential apartments and 5 commercial spaces. It has been a watershed project: “This is where the magic all came together, and I really began to soar like an eagle.” As a result of this definitive achievement, she is now ready to share her incredible insights and extensive experience to inspire and encourage others to aim for the sky in their own personal goals, to soar beyond the limits of what they thought was possible.

Lorna’s Property Eagles Program is not a quick fix, but about making lasting change which can future proof women’s financial security. She says, “I am obsessed with making a difference and helping women, but I’m also about remaining authentic and real. I pride myself on leading by example with encouragement, inspiration and through sharing my own personal experience and wisdom with others. For me, Property Eagles is so very exciting because I’m bringing in other incredibly successful experts whose journey I have watched and supported wholeheartedly: and we have grown to become great friends. We have helped each other soar, and now we’re ready to build on that community and share our knowledge with others.”

Linda Ireland-2

Introducing: LINDA IRELAND

After building a property portfolio and several businesses to on-sell; Linda then at the age of 33, together with her husband Matt – were in an incredible position to financially retire.

Linda had purchased her first property at the age of 18 years and then went on to accumulate a portfolio of more than 20 properties over the subsequent 10 years.

Her skill set in financial literacy and her passion for creating ‘financial independence’ flows over in her keen interest to help others also achieve remarkable outcomes.

Linda is a big believer in having the right mindset to achieve anything and with a gift in Conscious Wealth Creation, Linda has graciously agreed to bring her gifts and experience to present at our Property Eagle events throughout 2024.

Mary Palaric

Introducing: MARY PALARIC

As an active property investor and wealth builder, Mary Palaric teaches clients how to reclaim their financial independence, build a life plan and lay the foundations for building wealth. Her mantra: money and assets are not dirty words.

In fact, Mary is on a mission to show women that the more wealth they create, the more they can give in a meaningful way.

Mary believes that It’s Never Too Late to build wealth and become financially independent!

She’s living proof that you can get started at any age – Mary started 4 property investment and renovation companies in her 50’s and is living proof that it is never too late. In fact, Mary has now earned a 6 figure income through her property businesses.

With a strong background in the corporate sector, specializing in HR, Project Management and Business Improvement, Mary applies the skills to drive high performance in her own investment portfolio and help her clients to set a plan to build their path to wealth through property investing.

She has experience in renovations, small subdivisions and joint ventures.

Through her coaching programs and workshops Mary shares her passion, knowledge and to help clients create an investor mindset and create a solid wealth foundation through property and life planning!

And here is the evidence – listen to some of the ladies who grabbed the opportunity to be in our initial pilot group. 

Because of this incredible success, we’ve been asked to do it again! 

So here we go! We have launched our next intake.

To empower oneself to fly high with the Eagles of Property, one must make a conscious decision to transform; to elevate; and then soar; to the heights that are far beyond –

The Property Eagles Program doesn’t work with ducks and seagulls. This program is designed for ambitious women with beautiful hearts: women who want to become the very best versions of themselves and scale the heights of success. To become an Eagle, one must be prepared to fly at a whole new level of commitment, instruction and growth. Is this you? Are you ready?

Lorna and her experts in the Property Eagles Program are uniquely positioned to educate and develop confidence, skills and financial literacy through an authentic approach to mentoring. These highly motivated and hugely successful women are willing to reveal their most valued secrets with one clear intent: to uncover and nurture your best self. THIS is what sets the Property Eagles Program apart.

Just like Property Development & Investing, this program is not for the faint hearted. It takes serious commitment and dedication to be responsible for changing your future. Lorna’s time and that of her expert consultants is valuable and their commitment to you is serious: they want YOU to succeed too.

This uniquely designed blueprint that can assist you in reaching financial freedom cannot be found or accessed anywhere else: it has been designed from the lived experiences, learnings and knowledge of Lorna and the team of experts she has collaborated with here. To optimise your potential for growth under the watchful guidance of an incredibly advanced and caring community, YOU ARE INVITED to become a member of this rare group of women. With our one on one personalised coaching, and a powerful 1 day ‘Property Intensive’ session every 90 days meetings, Lorna and the team have co-created a unique and boutique community of women who are obsessed with preparing, guiding and nurturing you to LIVE YOUR BIG LIFE.

The Property Eagles Program is specifically designed for women just like you:  it enables you to gain a profound insight of WHAT IS POSSIBLE when you allow yourself to soar.

The Property Eagles commitment is to help ambitious women recognise their full potential to GROW their wealth, PROTECT their assets and leave a LEGACY.

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And here is the evidence – listen to some of the ladies who grabbed the opportunity to be in our initial pilot group. 

And here is the evidence – listen to some of the ladies who grabbed the opportunity to be in our initial pilot group.