Property Eagles Program Terms and Conditions

Property Eagles Program Terms and Conditions

The WOW Property Women & the ‘Property Eagles Academy’ Program brings together like-minded women who encourage, support, share knowledge and inspire each other to achieve their goals of financial freedom. We exist to EMPOWER, INSPIRE and add great VALUE to the lives of women in the area of wealth creation through property.

These terms and conditions apply to the Property Eagles Program offered by Invest Property Pty Ltd ABN 40 166 931 684 trading as WOW Property Women (referred to as ‘WOW Property Women’, ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’). These terms and conditions are to be read together with our privacy policy found at any other formal written terms published on our website or written agreements between us. These documents together form our entire agreement with you.

These terms and conditions will become binding once you agree to proceed with our Program, use our Program or make any payment for our Program.

1. Property Eagles Program
1.1 The Property Eagles Program is designed to support women to learn, grow and achieve their real estate goals through coaching and mentorship.

1.2 You will need to invest a considerable amount of your time, finances, commitment and focus to undertake the Program. We expect you to complete set goals and tasks as part of the Program and we cannot do the work for you.

1.3 The maximum duration for our Property Eagles Program will be six (6) months, commencing from the Implementation Call.

1.4 The Property Eagles Program has a 90-Day Fast-Track Guarantee, that commences from Step 3, the Implementation Call. We guarantee we will assist you to undertake your first property deal within ninety (90) Business Days, subject to these terms and conditions.


2. Step 1 – The Consultation Process

2.1 Before you qualify for our Property Eagles Program (‘Program’), you agree to undergo a consultation process with our team. The purpose of this process is to determine if you are the right fit for the Program.

2.2 To begin the consultation process, you must book a call with one of our team members. You will receive an email with further information about the Program, and we will contact you via a zoom meeting or other audio-visual link (or telephone) call at the scheduled booking time.

2.3 We invite any questions you may have about the Program at this time.

2.4 We may request information from you, including private and financial information during this scheduled

2.5 After you have completed this initial process, and both parties agree to proceed, you will be sent an invoice for the Program, as well as a copy of these terms and conditions. This invoice must be paid in full before you are able to proceed any further with the Program. By proceeding with your payment, you accept these terms and conditions.

2.6 Once payment has been received, you will then receive an email with further instructions and a Fact Gathering Form for you to complete and return to us as part of the Due Diligence process.

3. Step 2 – The Due Diligence Process

3.1 By completing the Fact Gathering Form and returning it to us, you consent to sharing your personal and financial information with our team. Please ensure you are truthful and forthcoming in your responses.

3.2 The purpose of this Due Diligence process is to highlight any potential issues, such as credit rating, or setup requirements, such as asset protection structures via your own solicitor or accountant; or any other relevant items that need to be addressed before you can begin the coaching stage. This process may include multiple communications back and forth between us until we are satisfied that we have all the relevant information required.

3.3 Please note that whilst provide you with our assistance, you must engage your own professional support network of solicitors, accountants, financial advisors, and alike to implement the strategies and to obtain independent legal and financial advice about your own circumstances.

3.4 Once you have completed the Fact Gathering Form in full and returned it to us, please wait for a confirmation email, along with an invitation to your Implementation Call.

3.5 You understand that this process may take longer than expected, depending on your personal and financial circumstances and we cannot be held responsible for delays attributed to these as they are outside of our control.

4. Step 3 – Program Commencement with the Implementation Session

4.1 Prior to the Implementation Session, our Mentors and Coaches, using information from the Fact Gathering Form and the Due Diligence process, will have discussed a recommended strategy for your 90 Day Fast Track plan.

4.2 The Property Eagles Program will then commence with the Implementation Session and we will introduce you to a suitable coach for the type of property investment you are seeking – for example, renovations, new build, subdivisions, multiple dwellings and/or any other property deal.

4.3 The Implementation Session is designed to be a discussion on the proposed strategies to align with your goals, incorporating the recommended strategies for your 90 Day Fast Track plan, along with associated tasks for you to complete. This initial session may take up to three (3) hours to complete.

4.4 Once you have completed the initial Implementation Session, you will then meet with your coach on a regular fortnightly basis, either face-to-face or by prearranged online via audio-visual link.

4.5 Please ensure that you are prepared to meet with your coach regularly each fortnight after you have completed the Implementation Session.

5. Step 4 – Fortnightly Coaching Sessions

5.1 The coach will give you a list of ongoing recommended tasks to complete each fortnight, with a deadline to accomplish those tasks. The purpose of this is to keep you focussed and on-track to achieving your real estate deal goals within ninety (90) Business Days from the start of the Implementation Session (‘90-Day Fast-Track Guarantee’).

5.2 The 90-Day Fast-Track Guarantee applies to our services, provided you qualify and are prepared to implement our recommendations. You will be accountable to complete the tasks in a timely manner, as per the coaching schedule, or the 90-Day Fast-Track Guarantee will not apply.

5.3 During this time, you agree to complete the tasks allocated to you correctly and in accordance with the relevant compliance requirements (for example with regulatory authorities) and agree to not do anything which has been expressly warned against. You understand if you do not comply with this clause that the 90-Day Fast-Track Guarantee does not apply.

5.4 You understand that factors outside of our control may limit your guarantee from applying. Factors such as local government building and development approvals. In this instance, we will notify you and our 90 Day Fast-Track Guarantee will not apply.

5.5 We will continue to work with you after the 90-Day Fast Track Guarantee period has lapsed if you have been proactive and implementing the strategies you have learned through the coaching process, up to a maximum of six (6) months from the date of the Implementation Call. If you believe you qualify for this extension of time, please make a written request and clearly set out your reasons for that request.

5.6 You agree to attend the fortnightly coaching sessions at the scheduled times and understand they cannot be rescheduled without a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours’ notice.

6. Step 5 – Fortnightly Mentoring Sessions

6.1 To support you though the Program, our mentors will be available on an alternate fortnightly basis, for a 1-hour Question & Answer session. These sessions will cover questions relating to:
(a) Emotional Intelligence;
(b) Advanced Finance Strategies; and
(c) Advanced Development Strategies.

6.2 Questions will need to be submitted at least three (3) days in advance to then be raised and discussed during the allocated time in order of receipt. A Questions & Answer session time is capped at 1 hour per fortnightly session.

6.3 If you require additional assistance of a Mentor outside of the allocated times, in special circumstances you may request additional assistance by setting out your request in writing to your Mentor. Your request should set out the special circumstances and explain your reasons. All Mentors retain the discretionary right to choose if they will provide any additional assistance. If you are refused additional assistance, no reasons may be given and it will not affect your Program in any way.

7. Step 6 – Property Intensive Workshop

7.1 We aim to hold a bonus Property Intensive Workshop on a quarterly basis throughout the year, offered to participants on a face-to-face basis, for the period of their term. This will be focused on the specific needs of the group as identified by the Mentors and Coaches. Some allowances may be made for online participation, upon application only.

7.2 Accommodation, meals and transport to and from the Property Intensive Workshop remain the sole responsibility of you as the participant.

7.3 You understand that information you may share with others in a group setting at a Property Intensive Workshop may be shared by others outside of the group. Confidentiality is important to us and you may be in breach of this agreement by disclosing any confidential information.

7.4 If you apply for the online delivery for the Property Intensive Workshop, you must participate at the time it is offered.

7.5 We may record sessions from the Property Intensive Workshop and make them available later to Program participants.

7.6 Your inability or failure to attend a Property Intensive Workshop does not entitle you to a refund or partial refund of our fees.

8. General information about the Program

8.1 Individual components of our Program are not redeemable, transferable, or interchangeable. Any unused component will expire at the end of the Term.

8.2 We will assist you to achieve your real estate goals, however we cannot guarantee any particular outcome, such as a particular amount of profit or loss, due to the extensive factors outside of our control. Some of these factors include government monetary and fiscal policies, real estate market upturns and downturns, interest rates, bank lending requirements, properties available for purchase, local government requirements, vendor’s change of mind, and many other factors.

8.3 Before you participate in our Program, you must assess whether the Program is suitable for you, taking into account your own personal needs, including physical, mental, emotional and financial capacities and determining if you are able to fully commit to completing the Program in its entirety. We encourage you to seek professional assistance or contact us with any further questions, as necessary.

8.4 You acknowledge we are not accountants, financial advisors, solicitors, or lawyers and do not replace these professional services. You understand that our Programs are not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, psychological, medical, financial, business, spiritual or other qualified professionals. You must seek independent professional guidance for such matters. You agree that all decisions and actions in these areas are exclusively your responsibility.

8.5 If you would like to raise any concerns during the Program, please put your concerns in writing and we will endeavour to respond to you within ten (10) Business Days.

9. Your responsibilities

9.1 We provide coaching about how to use certain platforms, services and software to support you throughout the Program. It is your responsibility to set up relevant accounts and subscribe to those systems. If you do not do so, we may not be able to provide all coaching services you have requested.
9.2 You agree:

(d) that it is your responsibility to attend your scheduled coaching sessions, make use of any online resources made available, and commit time to attend any live Property Intensive Workshop session to ensure you obtain the maximum benefit of the Program;
(e) to provide true and correct details when setting up an account to access online portals;
(f) to keep your username and password secure and not to share your login details with anyone else;
(g) that you are solely responsible and liable for any loss or damage to us arising out of the use of your login details or online access;
(h) to immediately notify us of any unauthorised use of your password or other breach of security;
(i) not to, in any way make available your access to our online resources to any third party;
(j) not to access or use our online resources access in a manner that could damage, disable, overburden or impair our website or interfere with any party’s use and enjoyment of the online resources, and not to hack into areas of our website or platform that are not intentionally made available to you;
(k) that you will not use our programs or resources for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms and conditions; and
(l) not to use our online resources or programs in a manner that could bring us into disrepute.

9.3 You understand that you can choose to discontinue using our Program at any time but that will not entitle you to a refund.

9.4 Your access to the coaching sessions will continue during the 90 Day Fast Track Guarantee period, or up to a maximum of six (6) months, even if you do not attend the sessions. If you stop attending the coaching sessions before the end of six (6) months, you are still liable to pay the full purchase price for the Program. This is because we only accept a limited number of people into the Program from time to time and have allocated time and resources specifically to you and cannot simply replace you and your progress through the Program with another participant.

10. Fees and payment

10.1 You agree to pay the fees in full and on time before you proceed with our Program, whether you use or access all components of our Program or whether you pay up front or by any other arrangement (if applicable). You are not signing up for a monthly subscription.

10.2 Payment may be made via Direct Deposit, PayPal or credit or debit card, processed by Stripe.

10.3 If any payment is dishonoured for any reason, you will be liable for dishonour fees. If money remains unpaid, you will also be liable for any costs and disbursements that we incur in pursuing the debt (including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis) and debt collection costs to the extent permissible under relevant legislation.

11. Refund policy

11.1 We do not provide refunds simply because you change your mind about participating in our Program. No refunds will be provided if you do not use aspects of our Program, such as not attending all the coaching sessions.

11.2 No transfers of a participant’s place in our Program will be permitted. We have undertaken a significant due diligence process with you as a part of your acceptance into the Program and your circumstances are unique to you and not transferrable to another participant with their own goals and objectives.

11.3 If you apply for payment by other arrangement, such as instalments, you are agreeing to pay for the whole of the Program in full and will not receive a refund if you stop attending our Program sooner than the end of your Term.

11.4 In the event of special hardship, at our discretion, we may release a participant from the Program. To apply for this special provision, you must set out your circumstances in writing, with additional supporting documentation, such as a medical report. We may contact you and discuss any other possible avenues that may be available.

12. Pausing your Program

12.1 You may temporarily pause the Property Eagles Program, for up to six (6) weeks in total per Program, provided you have given us at least seven (7) days’ written notice.

12.2 If you are unexpectedly unwell, please provide us with your written request for a temporary pause to the Program, along with the supporting documentation. We will discuss the length of time you will need, up to six (6) weeks in total, and depending on the circumstances.

13. Termination

13.1 Your access to coaching and our Program will conclude at the end of the Term.

13.2 We reserve the right to cancel or suspend your participation in our Program at any time with notice if we believe that you have failed to comply with these terms and conditions. We will not provide a refund if your access to our Program is terminated for non-compliance. In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage as a result of terminating your access to our Program due to your failure to comply with these terms and conditions.

14. Confidentiality

14.1 ‘Confidential information’ means information about our business or your personal and financial affairs, which include this coaching relationship, and all information that is expressly or impliedly nominated as confidential, or that a reasonable person would consider to be confidential, however recorded, documented or verbal.

14.2 Where confidential information is disclosed to you during the Program either by other participants or us, it is done so for your personal benefit, and you agree not to disclose that confidential information to any other person or entity.

14.3 Some of the information you provide to us will be information that is clearly important and confidential to you. We will only use that information to provide services to you and will not share it.

14.4 Where you have provided information as part of your testimonial, that will be deemed to not be confidential information and you consent to our use of your testimonial in our marketing material, without remuneration.

14.5 Where you provide information to in a group setting with other participants, you understand that any information you share may inadvertently be shared beyond the group participants and we caution you to only provide information that you are comfortable in sharing.

14.6 We strongly prohibit confidential information being shared to others outside of the Program but you acknowledge that whilst all care is taken, any information shared by participants is outside of our control.

14.7 Either party will be in breach of this agreement if they disclose any confidential information, other than in accordance with these terms and conditions.

14.8 These obligations of confidence will cease to apply in relation to information that either party is required to disclose by any law, or which becomes part of the public domain other than as the result of a breach by the disclosing party of its obligations under this agreement.

15. Intellectual Property

15.1 All intellectual property rights in our Program, remain our property. Attending our Program and learning new systems, processes and education on real estate associated transactions does not give you any ownership rights to those Program resources or any other Program material.

15.2 You are only allowed to use the Program materials for your own personal use, whilst undertaking the Program. You must not share, distribute or resell, in part or in full, those materials without our express prior written permission. You are prohibited from using our materials to develop your own Program or training for sale or giving away to others. You may not use our techniques, methods and intellectual property outside of the Program.

16. Content and data

16.1 Whilst all care is taken, we cannot provide any guarantee for the security of the data you provide to us. We will not be responsible or liable for the storage, theft, deletion, correction, destruction, damage or loss of any stored data that we have not intentionally caused. We recommend you have a regular back-up system in place for your systems.

16.2 We do not guarantee the security of our website, online portal, systems or records of your data.

16.3 Access to our Program may, at times, be dependent on your internet connection and download speed, which is outside our control.

16.4 We disclaim all liability for any computer virus or technological problems that were not intentionally caused by us or are beyond our control. We do not warrant that our online portal is free from viruses, malware or similar damaging code. You are encouraged to install and maintain up-to-date security software on your systems.

17. Third-party services

17.1 We may give recommendations, including but not limited to, third-party products, programs or services (‘third-party services’), due to the systems we use, or because to the best of our knowledge, they are quality products or professional service providers.

17.2 You remain responsible for your own use of any third-party systems and associated costs, and must first complete your own due diligence, including agreeing to the third-party services terms and conditions, to protect yourself.

17.3 We will not be liable or responsible for your use of third-party services, or loss or damages you or any other person suffers due to the use of the third-party services.

18. Non-Solicitation

18.1 You agree not to use the information you have gained from participation in our Program to become a direct competitor or contribute to or be involved in the development of a business that is or would be a competitor of us.

18.2 You agree that for a period of twelve (12) months after your participation in the Program comes to an end, you will not, without express written permission by WOW Property Women, either online to an Australian audience or within Queensland, directly or indirectly do any of the following:
(a) canvass, solicit, or accept an approach from anyone who at any time during your participation in the Program, was a coach, a service provider or a client, with a view to that person becoming a client of a business that competes with Wow Property Women, or provides the same or similar services;
(b) provide services or accept any request to provide services (being services that are similar to those provided by us) to a person who has been a coach, lead or a client of Wow Property Women during your participation in the Program; or
(c) whether alone or with any other person or entity, as an employee, contractor, joint venture partner, agent, officer, shareholder or in any other capacity, be engaged, concerned or interested in any other business which competes with Wow Property Women.

18.3 If a court finds that the restraint period of twelve (12) months is unenforceable, you agree to a restraint period of six (6) months and, if similarly found unenforceable, you agree to a restraint period of three (3) months.

18.4 You agree that this restraint combined with each separate period of time set out above is reasonable as to period and to subject matter, and:
(a) is to be severally construed and will take effect as a separate, several and individual restraint and will be enforceable accordingly;
(b) is reasonable and necessary to protect the business and goodwill of Wow Property Women;
(c) confers a benefit on us which is no more than reasonable or necessarily required for the protection of the goodwill and confidential information of Wow Property Women.

18.5 You also agree that you have received valuable consideration for agreeing to the provisions in this clause.

19. Limited liability and indemnity

19.1 To the extent permissible under relevant legislation, we will not be liable for any loss or damages including loss of profits, loss of opportunity or damages suffered by any person from following or applying any coaching, ideas or content developed as part of our Programs. The information we present to you is for educational purposes and we cannot be held responsible for the many different outcomes that may occur when completing real estate transactions. Ultimately, you are responsible for the decisions you make when applying any of the information we have provided to you as part of our Program.

19.2 Neither party will be liable for lost revenues, profits or savings, nor for any indirect, exemplary, punitive, special or consequential loss or damages of any party, including third parties, even if a party has been advised of the possibility of that loss or damages.

19.3 To the fullest extent permitted by law, and without limiting the application of relevant consumer law, in the event of any fault in the services, our liability will be limited, at our choice, to:
(a) supplying the services again;
(b) repairing any fault in the services caused by us;
(c) payment of the cost of having any fault in the services caused by us repaired; or
(d) payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

19.4 You agree that our total aggregate liability for any claim(s) by you relating to any Program we deliver to you is limited to the amount actually paid by you to us for that Program.

19.5 You agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless against loss or damages suffered by you or any other person arising from your breach of these terms and conditions.

19.6 The property market may experience upturns, downturns or other economic and social impacts which may affect your original goals, finances and personal circumstances and you acknowledge and agree that these are completely outside of our control and cannot be held liable for the impacts of these events on your personal and financial circumstances.

20. General

20.1 Notices:
(a) Any required notice between the parties, including a notice of dispute, may be provided electronically in writing to the email contact details notified in the schedule, or as later notified in writing.
(b) Notices sent electronically are deemed to have been received on the same business day if sent prior to 4.00pm on that business day and otherwise, the next business day (where a business day is a day that is not a public holiday, Saturday or Sunday in our jurisdiction).

20.2 Assignment – Either party may not assign or transfer its rights or obligations under this agreement provided that all services and payments are up to date.

20.3 Severability – If any of these terms and conditions are determined to be invalid or unenforceable, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed replaced by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and the remainder of the terms and conditions will continue in effect.

20.4 Waiver – Any time or other indulgence granted by us will not in any way amount to a waiver of any of our rights or remedies under this agreement.

20.5 No Relationship – We are providing services to you as a consumer and nothing in this agreement should be interpreted to suggest otherwise.

20.6 Governing Law – This agreement is governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia and the parties agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland, Australia.
21. Definitions

90-Day Fast-Track Guarantee means we will aim to work with you to take the actions necessary towards undertaking your first real estate deal or project within ninety (90) Business Days, starting from the commencement of the Due Diligence period, when the Implementation Call occurs.

90-Day Fast Track Plan means the proposed or recommended strategy devised with you to assist you in your undertaking of your property deal, within ninety (90) Business Days.

Business Day means any day that a commercial bank is required to be open.

Due Diligence includes gathering of relevant information to assist with credit scores, financial position and other important factors required to purchase real estate and obtain loans.

Fact Gathering Form means the form we provide to you to collect information about your personal and financial situation.

Implementation Call means the zoom meeting, audio-visual link or telephone call to you from one of our team members after Program payment and the Due Diligence period has been completed.

Program means the Property Eagles Program.

Property Deal means any real estate project identified and agreed to by both the coach and the participant.

Term means the time allowed to undertake your first property deal, up to a maximum of six (6) months, whichever occurs first.