Kelly Smith:

Kelly Smith - 1000px

Kelly Smith has a background in Law; is a serial entrepreneur who has lived and built business in several countries; and is the Founder of san Churro Chocolateria which she grew to 60 stores across Australia. As a successful business woman, Kelly knows exactly what it takes to create a dream and turn it into a commercial reality.

Kelly has also enjoyed the world of property and went on to become an acclaimed Interior Designer, working on many prestigious homes in Melbourne (Vic) before moving to the Sunshine Coast where she was quickly recognised for her talent and was awarded the Interior Design contract for the Lowanna Beach Resort. 

Currently Kelly has undertaking her own project which is a subdivision and home build on her own acreage property. Already she has butted heads with Council and had to approach State Government to seek approvals, drawing on her tenacity and determination that has seen her succeed in past projects.

Kelly has generously offered to take us on this enduring property journey from start to finish and share her experiences highlighting why she believes that MINDSET is the biggest part of success.  

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